Q: My child has not played organized football in past years, will my child play with others who are new?
A: For each division, Tackle players are evaluated by coaches to separate the advanced and experienced players from the developmental players. Unless highly skilled, most new players will be placed with other players at the developmental level.

Q: My child is small. Will my child play with other the same size?
A: Divisions are organized by age and by skill level within an age bracket. There are restrictions on heavier kids carrying the football and coaches will make sure that kids of similar ability are matched up.

Q: Can I request that my child play for a specific coach?
A: The Cowboys cannot accommodate requests for a specific coach. Teams are determined through an evaluation process and a draft system if there are multiple teams at an age level. For these reasons we can't assure that a player is in the same Division or Level as a specific coach.

Q: Can I request that my child be on the same team as a friend?
A: The Cowboys cannot accommodate requests to play on the same team as a friend. Teams are determined through an evaluation process and a draft system if there are multiple teams at an age level. For these reasons we can't assure that a player is on the same team as a friend.

Q: Can I request that child be on the same team as a sibling?
A: Yes. If siblings are playing in the same Division and at the same Level, the coaches will make every attempt to place the siblings on the same team if requested.

Q: What are the BGYFL Divisions?
A: Players will be placed in a Division based upon Age. The Divisions are: 9U - 10U - 11U - 12U - 14U.  Age cut off is 8/01 of the current year.

Q: What are the BGYFL Levels?
A: The age divisions are further broken down into GOLD and SILVER teams based on ability with GOLD being high ability and SILVER being developmental.

Q: What is the purpose of the “Weight” provided on registration form?
A: The “weight” provided is for planning purposes only – to provide the Cowboys program a rough idea of the equipment and coaching requirement for the upcoming season. The child is not placed into a Division based upon weight.

Q: Where do teams practice and play games?
A: Practice and home games are typically played at either Sunset Meadows or Pioneer Park.

Q: Can someone other than a parent or guardian accompany my child to pick-up equipment?
A: A parent or guardian is required to sign a waiver before the equipment is released to the player. Neighbors or other player’s parents who sign the waiver on behalf of the parent or guardian are taking responsibility for the return of the equipment and any action resulting from the use or misuse of the equipment provided to the player. No player is allowed to sign the equipment release and waiver on their own behalf.

Q: Can non-residents play in the Arlington Cowboys program?
A: Yes, non-residents can register, however there are some League restrictions and limitations. Please contact us at cowboys.information@gmail.com with specific eligibility questions.

Q: Can I still register my son or daughter if I missed the June deadline?
A: After the June deadline you may register your son or daughter, but a $50 non-refundable late-fee is required and the child will be wait-listed.

Q: How does the “Wait- list” work?
A: The earlier the child is registered after the June deadline, the sooner you will be notified if your child has cleared the wait-list. Available equipment and coaches at certain Division and Levels will determine which children will clear the wait- list. Thus, the wait-list will not be cleared on a “first-come, first-served” basis, and it is possible that some wait-listed children will not clear the wait-list by the start of the practices.

Q: What should I do in the event of lost or damaged equipment?
A: Equipment damaged during practice or a game will be replaced. Equipment lost will also be replaced at the cost listed on the equipment release/waiver document. Please contact your coach for replacement equipment. The Cowboys require a check for the lost equipment before replacement equipment is released.

Q: What should I do if equipment seems to be mis-sized or there is a specific problem with the issued equipment?
A: Please see the Division Lead during the first week of practice, or your child’s head coach once teams are established. The coach will arrange to resolve the specific problem.

Q: Will a coach contact my son or daughter prior to opening night?
A: Coaches will not contact players prior to the first practice. Players meet as a large group by Division and are evaluated by coaches until teams are drafted after the first week of practice. The player will be notified of his/her Division at the beginning of that practice.

Q: What if we can’t pick up equipment on the day that we are scheduled?
A: There most likely will be two scheduled equipment pick-up dates (in June and/or early July), and by the end of the second day, approximately 90% of equipment will have been distributed. In the event you cannot make either one, contact us at cowboys.information@gmail.com.

Q: Our family will be on vacation during August. What impact will this have and what should we do?
A. Please note your vacation plans on the registration form.  A player missing during the first week will be evaluated upon their return.

Q: I am interested in being a coach? Who do I contact and how to I apply?
A: On your child’s registration form there is a box to fill-in for “Job code.” Please fill-in either “1” or “2” for either head coach or assistant coach, respectively. You should be contacted by Cowboys leadership to attend a coaches meeting either in May or June.  An email to (cowboys.information@gmail.com) is also recommended to confirm your interest as a coach.

Q: What is the practice schedule?
A: Each head coach will determine the team’s practice schedule and location. The first three weeks in August normally include practices each evening and perhaps on Saturday morning. Once school begins, the practices are limited to 2 to 3 evenings (or approximately 6 hours) per week.

Q: What is the length of the season, and how many games will be played?
A: The first day of practice is July 29th, the first games are played on August 24th; we have an eight week regular season; each team can expect to play 8-9 regular season games, with up to three weeks of playoffs games (for those that qualify).